Sunday, 6 December 2009

Back in !

Karena went back into hospital early on Saturday morning. She was in the same place pain-wise as the previous week and was in a lot of pain in her abdomin, and it was very swollen. Poor girl, this is so tough for her ;-( So Saturday was another tearful day all round.
She had a fantastic African Christian nurse tho who was firey and praying and stirring us both in the midst of the tears and pain. We needed her...a divine appointment I think !!
Anyway, Karena had X rays in her abdomin and chest - which were both clear. She will now have a CT scan tomorrow (Monday) and then they decide what to do (if anything). Went to see her this afternoon and she was still in pain in her back but her stomach swelling had definitely reduced a bit. She's been walking around her hospital room praying like the billio after our African sister stirred her up !! She has now been moved to the cancer ward and another dear gentle Kenyan lady called Esther has been helping her.
I wish she was home tho; it just doesn't feel right without her here.....and my cooking is pretty rubbish !
Appreciating your prayers again for the babe. Her deepest desire right now is that she'd be able to be home for a pain-free family Christmas. Please.....


  1. God bless you guys. We are continuing to pray for home and healing and peace in all the turmoil. Love you all loads Ros & co xxx

  2. Hey Craig...saw your FB entry and realised that the "babe" must be back in....this is such a tough time for you all..will be praying lots over next couple of days

    Pass on our love to Karena.....xxxx