Monday, 9 November 2009

It's been a while....

Long time no blog.....since the last installment, we've had a magnificent half-term holiday in Wales - it was really great to get away for a week of sea, sand, sun (really) & scenary.
We've still not got the official results from the CT scan yet (that's tomorrow), but the preliminary discussions with the onologist specialist nurse sounds positive.
We've been back from holiday for a week now - on the last day of the holiday Karena's stomach started playing up - and it's not been very good since and she has been in some pain with it. She went to the doctor's this morning - and the doc was fabulous - examined her, and prayed with her - which was just what the doctor ordered !!!
So tomorrow we have the appointment with the Consultant to talk through the CT Scan results and also her ongoing stomach problems.
Will definitely appreciate your prayers for that one!

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  1. fab to hear that even the doctors pray with Karena...

    still praying