Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The bad news....

...is that Karena has to have more chemos !
We are surprised, shocked, saddened and tearful. ;-(
Consultant is concerned about Karena's stomach/bowel pains; that combined with her blood test result from yesterday revealed that her cancer marker (CA125) has significantly increased - so they are immediately planning to start more chemo's. They were expecting that Karena should be able to have a rest for a few months (as advised by the nurse last week) - and confirmed that the CT scan results are good - ie no significant nodules or growth areas in her abdomin ....but with the blood test indicator and her ongoing stomach pain, they are concerned. So another session of 6 chemo's starting asap; this time they are going to use a different drug which is 'gentler' than the previous one - and see how things go with that.
Told the children......not a good day !
Not sure what more I can say really.....apart from to ask for your ongoing prayers.....we need a breakthrough /miracle really. God is able....and a very present help when in trouble......
Love to you.....


  1. Our God holds you firmly in His hands. He will never let you go. We continue to stand with you in prayer in the full knowledge that He is able to do so much more than we could ever ask or imagine, but not knowing if He will do things the way we want Him to. He is good. He IS good. And He reigns over everything, sustains everything and is in everything. Love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and keep breathing... Much love, prayers and grace to all of you. Love the DS's xx

  2. Oh Craig....thanks so much for keeping us updated even when the news is not good...fuel for our prayers....

    stay close to each other...especially the children and stay close to God

  3. So sorry to hear your latest update Craig.
    Always in my thoughts and prayers.
    BIG hugs all round. xx