Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just another Saturday.....?

Saturday started just like any other - the usual crazy early bike ride extravaganza followed by a 'date' at the swimming pool for a latte and teacake with the babe (whilst No#1 son swam) .....
On Friday Karena went to the dentist as she's had a raging toothache which was getting worse. The chemo affects your teeth too ! Anyway, he said she had an absess needing root canal treatment and gave her some antibiotics, a treatment quote (!), and also an appointment for the actual procedure.
By Saturday morning though the pain had worsened and was also affecting her eye and ear - and with our previous warnings about basic infections being potentially a serious problem due to the chemo, after returning from the pool and dropping No#1 daughter off at stables, I called the hospital, and we had a talk to the person in charge of the cancer ward.
"She needs to come in"......that was about 10:30am. So off we went to the Royal Berks.... After getting her booked in, we were told the wait would be some time - so I wandered into town to buy the groovey trainers that we had previously promised No#1 son!
Tick tock tick about 4pm after blood tests, intraveinous antibiotics, and consultation after consulation (not to mention a healthy dose of waiting around!), they decided she didn't need to be admitted after all and discharged her with some stronger antibiotics. Hooray ! Relief !

So off we trot into town once again - this time all together - as No.#1 daughter has a textile project requiring dress materials for Tuesday (it's a bit outside my skill set, that one)...

Eventually we make it home....the babe is utterly pooped, so a visit to Domino's pizza and family viewing of the X-Factor finishes Saturday off !
So this week we have to make an emergency appt for the root canal treatment (requiring emergency re-mortgaging of the house to pay for!!), then the CT scan on Thursday as planned.
Appreciating your ongoing prayers....


  1. So...just another ordinary Saturday in the Mackay family...LOL....

    Ouch for the root canal...ouch for the cost of it...

    but so fab that it all worked around each of the kids and their activities too... really are fabby...and Karena is a star..

    love to you both and my continued prayers too

  2. Clearly NOT just another Saturday! Praise God for the outcome, for take-out and family viewing TV! Will continue to pray with Thursday in mind and an uneventful week. Much love, The DS's xx