Friday, 21 August 2009

Chemo #7 update....

Chemo went ahead on Monday which was good; her blood counts were ok (better than last time) and they will now keep her at the 90% dose for the remainder of her chemo's. The doctor told her that she has been doing really well which was good to hear.
Rather than going cold turkey on the steroids as she did last time, this time she is coming off more slowly so had her last one yesterday.
Yesterday she was feeling really grotty and was in bed for a lot of the day....thankfully a friend turned up unexpectedly with a cooked meal late afternoon so we didn't starve - as Karena was in no shape for cooking (and I am not naturally gifted in that department!!)
Today she is a bit worse and phoned me at work to come home - so is in bed once again feeling horrible, but thankfully isn't feeling sick. Not good....she seems to have been worse this time than she's been before - whether it's the cumulative effect of the chemo or what I don't know. The chemo is so tough on her body ;-(
I'm glad that it's Friday and hoping that she'll be on the up-slope tomorrow. Another friend has arranged the "Royal Suite" hospitality box for our whole family (including 3 course meal, leather seats etc!) at the Reading footy match - so Karena needs to be ok for that - it will be absolutely fab just so long as she is well enough to get there !

Stuff I'm grateful for today:
  • My wife!
  • The chemo has been so successful (albeit with frustrating side-effects)
  • Work who are very understanding of me leaving at a moment's notice (considering I'm a contractor!)
Stuff to pray for :-
  • Karena to be on the up-slope tomorrow
  • Energy to return
  • For her to be well enough to go to the footy !

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  1. HI Craig..sorry to hear that this last lot of Chemo has been such a downer for Karena....I hope you guys all made it to the footy.

    I will keep on praying for you pass on my love to Karena....

    I know you have loads of friends nearby to cook and help out...but if there is anything I can help out with...please ask...I am great at cleaning toilets and wield a good iron