Sunday, 16 August 2009

Holiday's are over.....Chemo #7 approaches....

Had a fab week away in sunny Wales -I think we had the best of the weather so far this summer ! We managed to climb a hill (although they called it a mountain on the literature but as it was only about 480m above sea level I think a mountain is a bit of a stretch!!), we also went fishing in a resevoir (Karena caught nothing - apparrently the fish didn't like her headgear!.... actually none of us caught anything!), we went on a steam train, went out to dinner and for lots of coffees and cakes, hired a canal barge (we had to fight for who was driving!) and did lots of normal holiday relaxing-type things....we stayed in a converted Granary and could hear absolutely nothing except sheep and cows (and a strange painful noise from the local cockerel which sounded like he was being strangled at about 5am each morning!).....and of course the children arguing from time to it was pretty fabulous all round really!

We came back yesterday (Sat) knowing that chemo's are scheduled to start again tomorrow....which slightly takes the edge off the fun time we've had...(Karena says that the mountain of washing is also a bit of a downer !)

For the last 3 days of hols, Karena also gave herself injections as she did last time to hopefully boost her blood count so that she will be ok for the chemo tomorrow....we will see. This time I will be taking her into hospital myself as her sister is off on her own holiday.

So, stuff we're grateful for :
  • Fun time on holiday; quality time together as a family
  • Feeling refreshed !
  • The sun is still shining!
Stuff to pray for :
  • Blood counts to be ok and chemo to go ahead tomorrow (17th)
  • No sickness
  • Ability to manage the children this week post-chemo (I am back at work)

Thanks so holiday scheduled for October !


  1. Praise God you had a great holiday! Much love, many prayers and a bounty of God's blessings showering on you (better than rain showers anyday ;-)) for the next stage.
    Ros & co x

  2. Hi pleased the holiday was enjoyed by all and a taste of normality...will be praying for you all...still ...

    and good to hear you are planning ahead...