Thursday, 18 June 2009

CT scan results

Results from the CT scan are not quite what we wanted/hoped/expected....what we wanted was for them to tell us that there are no traces of cancer...what the scan report actually says is :-
  • Only small areas of nodularity within omentum noted
  • No free fluid (a good thing)
  • Further response to chemotherapy

Nurse was very up-beat but I guess we wanted to feel like everything is sorted and that the operation had definitely got it all out....not sure we can be quite that the journey goes on....still no decision yet on whether they will do another 2 chemo's or another 5.

Karena seems generally very strong and significantly recovered from her last chemo. She still gets very tired at the end off the day but is taking the dog for a walk every day which is a good thing (for the dog too !) In many ways life seems very normal. Karena's hair (which has grown quite a lot) will start to drop out again in the next few days.

Stuff I'm grateful for :-

  • Karena's strength and recovery from chemo #4 has been good (tks for praying for that!)
  • My children's primary school teachers who are simply outstanding
  • Windsor triathlon completed in record time last weekend (even though I was unplaced for going through a red light without stopping-doh !)

Stuff to pray for :-

  • Continued strength leading up to next chemo (planned for 26th June)
  • An enjoyable week for the babe before the onslaught starts again...we have a family outing at the weekend...


  1. Standing with you every step of the way.

    With our love and prayers, Anita and Steve X

  2. Good to hear the update...and love to hear that Karena has hair again....and walking your lovely dog..all things to make life seem normal again

    I also love the way you refer to Karena as "Babe"....Take care ..Praying

  3. Keep right on to the end of the road as Harry Lauder would say! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Lots of love to all - M & D xxxxx

  4. Hope the family outing was great fun! I can hear it's tough going. STRENGTH, STRENGTH and more STRENGTH to you guys with loads of love too. HIS banner over you is love. I see it as a rainbow and you can't see the end of a rainbow just as His love covers you now and to the end of this season and beyond that. Eternal God, eternal Love, eternally. Keep going. Ros & co x