Monday, 1 June 2009

Another week...

Another couple of weeks have passed....lots more normal stuff has gone on which is good.
Kidney function test last week was uneventful - no results received and no news is good news I think. Saw the oncologist today which was pretty much a waste of time - a new chap who didn't know an awful lot about what treatment Karena had had...the only new thing we found out today was that Karena's blood 'marker' is now 13. Originally back in January it was 2000+. Normal women (who don't have cancer) are in the range idea what it all really means medically but it's a good sign !
The next phase of the plan is still no more firm really - Karena will have between 3 and 6 more chemo's...starting this Friday 5th.
And she was just getting more energy back - over the last week her energy levels have significantly improved which has been great because it's been half term so she's had a good time with the children.
We're so pleased with how everything has gone so far - we just want it to keep getting better....
but it's a tough thing for Karena to go back to the chemo's as she's had almost a 3 month break from them now (and her hair has even grown back quite a bit !)...but we're hoping that it's the pathway to full recovery...

Stuff we're grateful for
Strength returning & good recovery from the operation
A fun half term

Stuff to pray for :-
Chemo this Friday - nothing to prevent it from going ahead, treatment to go well, no sickness, quick recovery etc

Love to you...and thanks for walking along this long long pathway with us in prayer and friendship....


  1. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
    Lots of love to all. M & D xxxxx

  2. So good to hear all the positive stuff and really !really !really ! glad that Karena had such a good half is one thing to have this hanging over you and to deal with it as a couple but it so hard to deal with it as a it is doubly precious when time spent with the kids goes well...

    Will be praying as this next part of the journey continues... take care of yourself too...have lots of hugs from your macho friends.!!! and cry when you need to.