Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Chemo #4

Chemo went ahead as planned last Friday...all went well...a bit of a long day but ok. She has been relatively well over the weekend but it's been quite tough for her to be feeling poorly and weakened again (along with the menopause kicking in) - she'd forgotten how rubbish chemo makes you feel. She's had quite a bit of stomach pain too. Karena, being Karena, managed to mess up how many pills to take and so was taking less of the steroids than she was supposed to for the first couple of days....anyway, today she finishes them which potentially means feeling sicky tomorrow...we will see. This Friday 12th she will have a CT Scan to see how things are now looking inside.
Stuff we're thankful for :-
  • Once again...for good friends and family who support us in so many ways
  • Watching Ben's team become County netball champions today !
  • We now have a teenager !
Stuff to pray for :-
  • CT scan this Friday to find no trace of cancer
  • Continued good health,& recovery from this chemo
  • Only 2 more chemo's rather than another 5.


  1. Praying and praising...take care...both of you

  2. To all Karena and Craig's wonderful friends who have helped and supported them during this very anxious time, we give our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the help given to the family.
    With our love and prayers for you all,
    Grace and Norman Hatfield

  3. Matthew helped me do this so hope it works!! Am still praying for you all daily as I drive to Swindon and I have new jb in Royal Berks starting August so hope to pop in and see you as no more commuting for me. Lots of love

    Nicky McKean