Saturday, 18 April 2009

An unplanned visit to the hospital.....

So I did the Marie Curie Swimathon this afternoon ( - 5km in the local pool - 200 lengths in convoy with Sean 'Fishboy' Green with the Red hat, Richard 'Speedo' Walker in the Black hat, and me in the Green hat (why Fishboy wasn't in the Green hat I'm not quite sure)....anyway, it was good to do but the swimming was basically pretty dull - we finished in 1hr 41mins to absolutely no rapturous applause whatsoever (understandably) ! If you sponsored either me, Fishboy or Speedo, thanks so much - some people that you will never know and never meet will benefit from your cash !

Unfortunately the pre-event prep wasn't hour or two before starting I was at the hospital with Karena - she was feeling really rough, has a bad sore throat, is shivvery, has ear ache and is blocked up.....and because the chemo is an immuno-suppressant, we were told that in the event of illness to get to a doctor - as 'normal' things like colds can become quite serious quite quickly. Anyway, long story short.....we saw the doctor and Karena has some antibiotics and was OK to come home - and this evening is feeling a little better....thankfully.

She had her pre-op checks yesterday (blood tests, heart checks, signing the forms etc). The doctors (both yesterday and today) seem happy that the operation can still go ahead this Thursday even if she has a cold. I think that's a good thing.....

Stuff I'm grateful for today :-
  • Competant Doctors
  • the NHS
  • People who are standing with us in love, in faith, in hope, in prayer
Stuff to pray for :-

  • Karena to be well for Thurs - shivvery cold to go, sore throat to heal etc
  • Operation to go ahead as planned on Thurs - full hysterectomy + omental lump and any other traces of cancer to be removed
  • Strength in heart and mind as Thurs approaches


  1. HI Craig,

    I have followed your blogging and yet never commented but just feel so prompted to say that we (Matthew and I) are just standing in prayer with you from the other side here in Bracknell. Your blog (and Karenas) have spoken volumes into our life into how you handle the stuff that life throws at you. Thankyou for taking the time out to blog as you have been a blessing, will keep checking in and keep praying.

    Much love The Rangers (from Bracknell)

  2. I echo Sues comment...your blog is inspirational and encouraging yet facing reality and truth. It points us to God first and foremost and for those of us who also face what seems like an impossible situation...we can take strength from your example.
    We will be thinking of you all on Thursday...and praying....all our love....

  3. Thinking of you all today and praying for you. xxx

  4. We hope things have gone to plan today. Have been thinking and praying for you all. Much love and God's grace on you. The De Silva's xx