Thursday, 9 April 2009

D Day approaches

So the operation date has now been confirmed for 23rd April.
I wonder what the troops must have felt like before D Day? I wonder if it was anything like this...?

We're grateful for knowing the date at last.

Have a great Easter - Jesus was crucified for us and wonderfully rose from death - the greatest event in history....which gives us all hope in the midsth of the challenges we face !

Have a great Easter. With love.....C+K x


  1. Thinking and praying for you
    Lots and lots of love
    M & D xxxxx

  2. Hi in diary to prompt me to pray...take care and enjoy the Easter hols with family...Gdd is good....all the time

  3. ooooopppppsss....meant to say...GOD is good....

  4. It's Easter Monday and I am enjoying a lazy day, clicking on links that in the usual rush and urgency of work I skip over. This blog doesn't have the email subscription option so you have a far more devoted I was just over-joyed to hear that Karina has made such fabulous progress. How wonderful to see evidence of what we have prayed for-shrinkage and isolation of the tumour and also that energy and vitality that has started to flow again. Thank you Jesus! Will be praying for expert surgery and full post operative care and recovery.

    Just love the way you give thanks in all circumstances Craig-reminds me of the clasic sermon on Abraham which you may well have heard Duncan Watkinson give. He said Abraham faced facts and still had faith. The facts;his body was as good as dead, but was able with that same mind grasp that God was able to do what he had promised, and that faith was the substance of chosing not to be cynical but to have hope that the God who made man from dust could raise a nation from two bodies that were almost certainly "past it" in their reproductive cycle.

    So we witness with awe and wonder the power of God as author of life combine in partnership with the skills of medics to work miraculous restoration power in Karina's body.

  5. I'm continuing to pray for you guys and praying that the doctors find less than they're expecting. May the miracles He's performing continue.

    Much love.