Wednesday, 29 April 2009

She's home !

I picked Karena up from the hospital yesterday afternoon.
I have the rest of the week off work so am playing nurse (badly probably!!)

This afternoon, we managed to venture out to the garden centre for a cappucinno....and Karena managed a sausage sandwich at the same time...a big improvement apparently on the "disgusting disgusting" quiche she was forced to eat on her last day in the hospital ! We talked, enjoyed the sunshine - and cried just a little bit......

Then we came home and she sat in the sun lounger in the garden in the sunshine and listened to the birds who were apparrently singing to her !?.....whilst I went out for a run (did a 10k PB-hoorah !)

She's still really sore, felt quite dizzy at certain points in the day, and is still very swollen...but she's soooooo glad to be out of hospital !! Tomorrow is 1 week since the op. What a week it has been ! She's in good heart & is walking very slowly.... but this afternoon she was talking about getting a running training-plan together for when she's through all this. (Terri, you got a mention as the potential author of such a plan !) ;-)

As for me - I'm glad to have a few days off work and am privileged to be looking after the biggest hero I know. Haha !

Stuff to pray for :-
  • Rapid healing and recovery post-op (her chemo's restart in ~4-6 weeks time)


  1. Great news! Glad this hurdle is over so amazingly. Will keep praying and bringing you all before God, His grace, His mercy and His continuing healing! xx ps thought I saw you running yesterday - well done on the PB!

  2. Well done Karena - but don't go over-doing it! We are thinking of you and praying for you.
    (Well done Nurse Craig - what better nurse could Karena have?)
    Lots of love to all
    Love M & D xxxxx

  3. Craig, Karena
    I am so thrilled that the op went so well! I'm at my desk shedding more than a couple of tears (luckily everyone else has gone to lunch).
    Love to you all

  4. This is such great news...I am so pleased for you all... are a major Hero....and my love and prayers go out to you

    Craig...keep doing what you are doing...cos you are doing great....

    As I write this I am listening to the words of a fantastic song..

    "in every season....I have a reason to worship." worship-ing the King along with you

  5. This post was so warming and uplifting to read. So glad she's home and getting better. You oozed joy on your face on Sunday - was wonderful to see :-)

  6. What fantastic news... Craig I really think you will be the best nurse for Karena... you are both getting through this brilliantly.

    Will keep praying for a speedy recovery.

    Love to you both..Iris xx

  7. Fabulous news. Keep up the good work nurse.
    Whats PB?
    Still praying for you both.
    big hugs