Sunday, 12 June 2011

Gosh, is that the time ?!

We arose early this morning to rush over to New Malden to see the Webster's prayed out of their home church.....this is their last official Sunday at Christchurch, New Malden. It was fabulous to be there !!

The rest of the day was unexpectedly relaxing....very nice as normally it's pretty manic when we're all together. It's the last weekend we will have as independent weekend we are merged together as a new (fairly unique!) family unit....that's always assuming that time doesn't stop between now and next weekend. It really feels like it's going to!! - neither Ellie nor I can quite get our heads around it !!

If you're coming to the wedding, please remember, our preference is for no wedding presents, but any voluntary donations to our preferred charity would be very gratefully received! Click here if you'd like to take part in our alternative wedding gift list !

On the day there will be 200+ people and there are approximately 110 seats - only slightly over-subscribed ! So please enjoy from a standing position and let somebody older than you have your seat if you're fortunate enough to be youngish and healthy !!!

Can't wait for the day - see you there !

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