Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Brain Trauma !

Catchy blog title huh ?
And how's about this for a catchy book title to go with it...?
Clearly the title of the book attracted me (can't think why!?)

I recently had a conversation with somebody from Care for the Family who's been there and done it; he told me of a training course he'd been on which described the effects of bereavement as being very similar to 'brain trauma'. Studies have shown the following effects (amongst others) :-
- diminished ability to self-regulate - stress, mood etc
- diminished or altered memory function, amnesia,
- loss of emotional well being,
- loss of capacity to experience joy in living,
- reduced motivation to be sociable

I've definitely experienced all of these in different measures at different times.....
To be honest, I've sometimes wondered if I'm totally losing the plot....Thankfully I have been significantly better of late. Being back at work has helped, seeing my children getting on with life has also helped, and talking through pain with Ellie over the last 11 months has massively helped too.

The dimished memory function tho - that's ongoing for sure - I wonder where I put the TV controller ?

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  1. Very catchy title and so true! Sometimes feel my brain has been replaced by cotton wool!
    Found your blog through the care for the family website and it's helped my regain a bit of much needed balance today. I lost my husband last November suddenly and unexpectedly to a heart attack.
    I too have found blogging helpful, mine's called unravelling-edges.