Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hooray...we're back online !

.....after 2 weeks unable to access the internet from home (much to my frustration with the chappies from Sky...grrrrrrr) So it's time for a splurge....the highlights are....

  • Reading Half Marathon completed with my mate Giles in a heart-busting (for me) time of 1:40:20. Was very chuffed with that - 5 minutes faster than last year and we kept a steady pace, only stopping for one cup of tea :-). If we do 5 minutes faster each year (and dont stop for tea) we should be on the podium by 2019....

  • Wedding plans are advancing well for 18 June - more on that in another blog very soon....but suffice it to say, it will be different, and YOU are invited !

  • 2 houses are on the market....

  • Cooking ability seems to have stagnated :-(

  • Work is....manageable....every once in a while I panic a bit when the pressure is on but thankfully that's not too often. I think I might even be enjoying it (sometimes) and am still doing about 25 hours a week over 4 days.

  • Marriage prep starts for Ellie and I on 9th April :-)

  • I definitely don't cry as much as I did but can't ever be 'normal' again, that's for sure. Still feel very sad about life's journey in so many ways so often, even though I absolutely treasure my wonderful friendship and love for Ellie :-) (She's so fab !)

  • No. 3 has a new 3/4 size cello and has now decided she wants to be the next Jacqueline Du Pre so has started practising like the billio !

It's Mother's Day this weekend - I have a fabulous Mother, a fabulous Mother-in-law, and I'm engaged to another fabulous Mother....but the day will inevitably be totally overshadowed by the one mother who isn't here....(beam me up Scottie)...I don't suppose I can roll up and hide somewhere quiet with my children can I......?

For the last couple of months, my mind has been mulling over a text I received from a dear friend which read something like "I had an impression in my heart of Karena worshipping at God's throne with a big smile on her face, joyful, happy to be home; she wanted you and the children to live life and be happy." Hmmmm...

I'm really comforted that Karena is home safe and sound....we've all still got to make that difficult journey and the timing is totally out of our hands.....everything else in life is just smoke and mirrors by comparison.

Col 1:27....."God has chosen to make known....the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory"