Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tsunami !

I really wasn't expecting it....the Tsunami, that is...
...but then again, I think it's been building for a little while.....and it arrived yesterday, and seemed to build in magnitude as the day progressed, before the tide seemed to draw back again today !

Poetic language maybe, but that really describes how it all happened in terms of the overwhelming emotional onslaught of the day.....totally awash with tears, awash with painful memories of watching my dearest friend slowly die, awash with memories of conversations, awash with shatterred hopes and dreams, awash with desperation over what my children no longer have....totally and completely overwhelming - an emotional tsunami !
I didn't even have the energy to pray; thankfully tho my dearest friends will listen, will cry with me, and will pray for me when I don't feel able.....

It's said that grief hits you in waves - well almost 8 months down the line, it was an absolutely huge one; hopefully it won't return in the same way again !!

It's really well described in the words of a song I have been listening to today (listen here)....

...and in the words of a dear friend, "I have been praying for you this morning, for healing and comfort that I just can't give you myself, but that God can..."

Today is another day, thankfully !


  1. Feel for you so much - our thoughts are with you all as ever.
    Love the music. Lots of love M & D xxxxx

  2. I love you Craig. Feel for you, always with you. See you soon bro' G xxx

  3. Thinking of you Craig. Please know that you and your family are often being thought about and prayed for. Thank you for the song, I needed to hear it, but for a totally different reason.
    God bless you Craig.


  4. Hang in there Craig. Your strength is amazing.
    BIG HUGS. xxx

  5. Yeah...grief is often described as waves and I always think it also depends on where you are when the wave hits....

    my ongoing prayer for you is that no matter how strong the wave is that you are well and truly anchored .....

    love to you and the children xxxx