Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Another first....

Yesterday it was 8 months since 'The Great Sadness"....

On Monday I had another first....this time, one which took me very much by surprise....we had a good friend over for dinner and I set the table for wasn't until I brought the last plate of food across to the table that I realised that the four of us and our friend already had plates in front of us and I was holding one spare portion ;-(
Looking on the bright side I suppose, we all got some extra chicken ;-( A bit sad tho !

Have decided to try and arrange some Christian counselling particularly in light of the tsunami-type problems that I have....talking about it all can only help !

Have a lovely day ;-)

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  1. Talking to other people, I think your Tsunami type problems are fairly typical. Everyone grieves in different ways. If you do an extra meal again, put it in the childrens sarnies for the next day - would probably make them laugh....or better still, pop it in the post to me!