Monday, 28 September 2009

Chemo #9

I have been a little remiss in not updating the blog recently....sorry !
Karena has been generally very well for the last couple of weeks - in fact, chemo #8 seemed to hit her less hard than others. The power of prayer I think (thanks!)

Today, Chemo #9 took place - blood counts and kidney function testing all OK but with many delays she started on the drugs late so got home at about 6pm absolutely pooped. She has been in bed since getting home and is pretty spaced out & quite pale.
Today they told her that this will be her last chemo in the current she will have a CT scan in 4 weeks time and then see the consultant in 6 weeks to discuss what the next steps will be.... that includes the possibility of additional chemo's depending on the results. Our hope & prayer is that the CT scan will indicate that there are no traces of cancer and therefore that the chemo's can come to a complete end.
Please make this your prayer too.....and of course for the babe to recover quickly from this chemo without sickness and without getting any infections etc etc.

Once again appreciating you standing with us and of course for your prayers.....
With love.....C,K,E,B,O x x x x


  1. So good to hear that chemo 8 was better than expected..lets believe that God is continuing to help her on this journey and that number 9 will have an even better result...

    I hope that in the next few weeks you all get a bit of respite and ordinary family life..

    Take care...Love..Irene

  2. You all are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We're so looking forward to our next Carvery together.
    Lots of love M & D xxxxx

  3. Praying for a fab outcome to everything for you. Big hugs

  4. So great to see Karena this Sunday and with enough energy to jump up and down. She truly is amazing. xx