Thursday, 2 July 2009

Chemo round #5 update....

Karena's chemo last Friday was her blood count was low, then they retested and she saw the consultant and waited around a lot - and by the time they figured out that she would be OK to have the chemo, it was too late to start - so Monday it had to be!
So armed with magazines, cappucinno's and DVD's, Karena went in for round #5 on Monday morning. All went well but chemo days are always rollercoaster rides emotionally.
3 days on and she is doing really well, has come off the steroids early and hasn't really felt sick. Tonight we even made it out for a family meal for my birthday......all good !
In 3 weeks time we will have an appointment with the consultant to decide whether she has just 1 more chemo or another 4. In the meantime the menopause is still causing a lot of sleeplessness and unwanted heat !!

Stuff we're grateful for.....
  • 3 vibrant, noisy, giggling children playing the "Hello Harry, I'm Harry, Meet Harry" game in Pizza Hut !
  • Our God who never leaves us nor forsakes us even when it's tough-going
  • Support from family and friends
Stuff to pray for :-
  • Continued good recovery from this chemo
  • Good blood count for next chemo (sheduled for 17 July)
  • Just 1 more chemo !


  1. Happy Birthday Craig!
    Praise God for noisy vibrant kids - especially when they're not yours!:)
    Keep on keeping on Karena. You know how much we love you and that's just a tiny smidge oh how much God does! ....Are there any DVD's left to be seen?!
    Much love to you all Sarah B xxx

  2. In the words of that most famous of fish, Dory..,'Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, we swim, swim!' And always with a smile on your face - well nearly. Well done. Keep going and we'll hold your hands high when you're tired and keep praying! Loads of love Ros & co xx

  3. Happy Birthday Craig...gosh how old are you now?? glad you got out to celebrate and have fun together....Thank God ...Will continue to pray esp re the sleep and menopause for karena....