Wednesday, 22 July 2009

....and so to Plan C

Chemo didn't go ahead on Monday....Karena's blood results were actually worse than the previous Friday so they reckon that the chemo has affected her bone marrow and hence her blood recovery isn't she now has some injections to have for the rest of the week which should help improve things. They are self-administered (I did offer but she didn't seem too keen !!!). By the time this is all over, she should be a qualified nurse herself! So back for chemo next Monday 27th is now the plan.

Stuff we're grateful for :-

  • Children have broken up from school
  • We've booked up for a week away (which we really want Karena to be well for!)
  • God's continued goodness towards us.
  • Throughout the whole course of this treatment Karena hasn't picked up any infections, illnesses etc


  1. From what I've seen of male nurses giving injections... I think I'd pass on your offer too! Man, God bless you guys. Praise God for no illnesses and infections and none to come! Praise Him for holidays, no school and continuing goodness to you all. Will pray the blood count goes up for next week. love Ros & Co x

  2. Will be praying especially for the holiday you have will be so cool if you guys can get away and have some "ordinary " life stuff happening esp with the kids on school holidays.
    I hope the self injecting is going okay....that would have to be my worst nightmare as I dont do needles....Karena will be a whizz with the needles at the end of this .
    Keep strong and stand firm