Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I remember

20 years ago today...

I remember the sense of expectation,
I remember walking and praying early morning in the park,
I remember seeing George in hospital in my morning suit,
I remember family and friends gathered together,
I remember you being late :-)
I remember butterflies in my stomach,
I remember your dress, your flowers, your smile,
I remember you saying, "I do",
I remember photographs and laughter,
I remember nerves before my speech,
I remember cutting the cake,
I remember leaving for honeymoon,
I remember sitting on the plane feeling tearful that it was all over,
I remember the beach and honeymoon swims,
I remember the beginning of the journey...

...20 years ago today 

1 comment:

  1. We will never forget those so loved ones who came into our lives for a time and then took their leave.
    Their imprints are always in our lives and cannot die.
    It is good to remember and their legacy to us is life here and now.
    And a greater awareness of the depths of human suffering.
    We can be hugs and a listening ear to those who hurt.
    Encouragers and walk along-siders.
    May the Lord bless you richly where you are now.