Saturday, 6 April 2013

Wedding day...

Today my dear friend Richard is marrying his lovely fiancee Elli. 

Ellie (My Ellie that is!) and I have done Richard and Elli's marriage preparation over the past few months which has been a huge privilege and very enjoyable....we've been really looking forward to today!

This morning, I awoke with a song in my head which I haven't heard for years...this song was one of Karena and my favourites in our early years of married life together (before children)....mostly because it expressed our hearts' cry to our heavenly Father and our desire for our own lives and for our own marriage.

I have been praying through the main principles of the song for our dear friends on their wedding day today (whilst hoovering, washing and polishing the car) - I confess that I've been fairly tearful in doing so because of flooding memories of Karena... but God knows all about the pain and it's ok to cry.  I'll be holding onto (my!) Ellie's hand during the wedding - because I love her dearly and I am likely to get a bit gushy !

I have the best job of the day today - taking the bride to church !  The Landy looks good eh?!


  1. It's a great privilege to be your friend. The Land Rover looks amazing!! Big love.

  2. My friend Helen Cottee recommended your blog. Thank you for sharing your story. You are providing inspiration to someone across the pond in the States. :) -Alicia Lea

    1. Ew...thank you...that's very encouraging :-)