Friday, 22 July 2011

Just a trophy....

Last year I gave a trophy to Aldryngton School - Karena worked there as a Teaching Assistant and my children have all been through the school (Last one finishes year 6 today !)

The Trophy is called the...

"Karena Mackay Memorial Trophy for Consistent Care and Positive Contribution to Lower School"

(quite a mouthful !)

The trophy is awarded to the child who, in the opinion of the teachers, exhibits exemplary character (kindness, helpfulness, serving others, gentleness, politeness, perseverance etc) rather than for academic achievement.

So as I drove to school on Monday I felt one of those overwhelming senses of "I'm not going to be able to hold this together....."

Thankfully, when it came to the presentation of the award in the whole school assembly, the Head Teacher did all the talking so all I had to do was smile and do the presentation itself (if only people knew what was going through my mind behind the external grin).

George was a very appropriate winner....I think Karena would have been pleased.

Photo of the lad is available in the newsletter here

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