Friday, 13 August 2010

I am His and He is mine...

6 months on....

Song of Songs 6:3 - "I am my beloved's and He is mine, he grazes among the lillies. " (ESV)

Matthew Henry commentary describes it thus :

"Christ's church is a garden, enclosed, and separated from the world; he takes care of it, delights in it and visits it.....When Christ comes to his church, it is to entertain his friends. And to take believers to himself : he picks the lillies one by one, and at the great day, he will send forth his angels to gather all his lillies, that he may be forever admired in them. The death of a believer is not more than the owner of a garden plucking a favourite flower; and He will preserve it from withering, yea, cause it to flourish forever, with increasing beauty. If our own hearts can witness for us that we are Christ's, question not his being ours, for the covenant never breaks on his side. "

Jesus is emmanuel; God with us. I'm so glad ;-)


  1. Hey Haggis,
    I love you, best from Canada. Charlie is here with me now....... been to vancouver and through Rockies last week........when ya coming? lol Gxxxxx

  2. Go and have a groovy holiday Craig!