Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I'll sing.....

Today has been a roller coaster....I have been told that grief hits you in waves....whoever originally came up with that analogy deserves a prize ! I keep thinking that I'm on the up-slope and then I seem to hit the floor hard again. Chatting to somebody this morning set me off into a tear-laden day, as I recall my wife, the good times we had, her final months, her faith, her hope, her smile and her tears.
This afternoon I've been singing a Simon Brading song.....through tears and sadness, with a heavy heart, it sums up how I feel today. If you haven't heard the song, check it out here.
For the rest of today and tomorrow too, I'll sing to the Lord confident that I'm held in His hand.....

Lyrics are below.....

You are the rock on which I stand
All that surrounds is sinking sand
Days of darkness may shadow my path
But I know I'm held in Your hand

Seasons will may change but You remain
Even through drought and tears of pain
Safe within Your truth I'll stay
For I'm Yours, I'm held in Your hand

All earthly things will fade away
Your promises Lord remain the same
Trials may come from day to day
Still, I know I'm held in Your hands

I'll sing through tears and the smiles
I'll sing through rain or shine
I'll sing of unending grace
I'll sing just to give You praise, my Lord

A time will come when suffering will end
But until that day
You won't abandon me
Forever I'll stand, held in Your hand


  1. Yeah...the "waves" analogy is one of the best ones when talking of grief...over time you will learn to surf them in your own way....

    Great song....

  2. Dear Craig

    A friend of mine pointed me towards this blog post today. I was greatly moved by your story and experience, and greatly humbled that I'll Sing has been some kind of help to you.

    Anna & I will remember you in our prayers tonight.
    God bless you

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as always. We love you lots.
    We enjoyed the song and could imagine you singing it in the kitchen.
    Lots of love to you all - M & D xx

  4. Sing, clean and cry Craig!
    Love to all.